Top Secret USA Dokumenti 1952-1954

Top-SecretZaupne, tajne in strogo tajne dokumente ZDA iz let 1952-1954, ki se nanašajo na Svobodno tržaško ozemlje lahko dobite tukaj.

Documenti confidenziali, segreti e segretissimi di Stati Uniti fatti nel 1952-1954, che si riferiscono al Territorio Libero di Trieste, si trovano qui.

On other hand, there are independentist elements which will blame US for partitioning Trieste, in fact they are doing so already by leveling their attack at Murphy’s mission.

They also believe that it would be difficult for the Security Council to take note of the proposed territorial change without some effort being made to divest it of the responsibilities toward the Free Territory of Trieste which were assumed by the Council decision of January 10, 1947. They think that even if it is inadvisable to seek some appropriate positive form of UN endorsement, it would nevertheless be better for the US–UK to be prepared to ask the Council to set aside its responsibilities toward the FTT rather than leave to others the initiative of making this or possibly less welcome proposals.

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In tudi dokumenti ZK / E anche documenti di UK


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